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Client Testimonials

What They're Saying...

"Blissful, ecstatic, incredible."

Eve Ensler
Tony Award Winning Playwright; Author;
International Activist; Founder, VDay Org

"I've had massage all over the world and Kimberly's work is the best I've ever had. Extraordinary, exceptionally intuitive and involved. Bravo!"

Olympia Dukakis
Academy Award Winning Actress

"Will you come to New York?"

Rob Becker
Award Winning Broadway Playwright, Actor, "Defending the Caveman"

"Beautiful, amazing, exquisite. Some of these stretches I've never experienced in fifty years of dancing. Whoever created this was a genius."

Anna Halprin
Internationally Acclaimed Dancer and Founder of Tamalpa Institute

"Incredible - after one session I was able to go more deeply into postures
that had been difficult for me for ten years."

Kate Foley
Dancer/Choreographer, Kate Foley Dance Company, and Iyengar Yoga Instructor

"A truly amazing experience of breathing, opening, expanding, discovering. I felt more spaciousness, aliveness and vitality. I sang your praises to my friends and highly recommend the experience."

James Baraz
Buddhist Meditation Teacher
Co-Founder, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

"Kimberly's work helps open the subtle channels, allowing the prana to circulate more freely and fully. This is of great benefit to meditation, one's spiritual unfoldment, and health. There is a deeper sense of well-being, opening and relaxing, allowing even greater entry into one's practice. I highly recommend her work."

Lama Palden
Buddhist Instructor
Founder, Sukkasiddhi Foundation

"An amazing journey - I come back feeling completely renewed in body,
mind, spirit and emotions."

Jai Uttal
Internationally Acclaimed Songwriter/Musician

"I've had much outstanding bodywork over the years - beyond this being outstanding bodywork, I really felt Kimberly transmit the ancient wisdom of this art."

Dr. Elson Haas, MD,
Author and Founder/Director, Preventative Health Clinic of Marin

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Student Reviews from Graduating Classes

Kimberly's home is a private Shangri-La. It is perfectly designed to allow a remarkable residential course and retreat. The meals were unprecedented, an education in themselves. I loved taking beautiful walks in the hills. Even Sita, the dog, is special.

This whole week has been an awakening for me in living naturally, and how to practice this lifestyle daily. Kimberly, it has been a pleasure and honor to spend this time with you.

A wonderful experience!

You are one of the most knowledgeable persons I have ever met. Of this endless pool of knowledge, you have so many gifts. Thank you for sharing so many of them with me.

Judy Brown
Massage Therapist
Tulsa, Oklahoma

A sense of the ancient wisdom of Thai massage brings such great energy to Kimberly's class and to the learning process of the week together.

The environment of Kimberly's home reawakened my awareness of healthy living. To eat organic, lovingly prepared food was fabulous. I loved the experience of the Thai Buddhist Temple!

Morning exercises, while totally different than my usual routine, were so appropriate to prepare my own body and spirit for the practice each day. A rich and rejuvenating learning process!

Kimberly brings the sense of joy and fun, so characteristic of the Thai people, to life for her students!

Thank you! Kapkun ka!

Dorothy Sager
Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA

Learning a complete Thai massage from top to bottom was only part of the whole. We practiced Yoga and did breath work to open our bodies and start the day. The whole group living atmosphere and environment was a departure from my usual reality, and allowed me to enter into an altered state - one that was ideal for immersion into the ancient craft of Thai massage.

We learned that Thai massage is a practice of wholistic and spiritual wellness, as well as a series of beautiful postures. We lived this wellness principal. Every meal was organic, lots of raw foods, no sugar, no processing. We soaked in the hot tub under the stars and hiked for miles in the open space preserve right next door!

The class materials were valuable. We were taught thoroughly and masterfully. Kimberly's technique is impeccable. She is a perfect example of the art and joyous nature of Thai massage. The environment was comfortable, supportive and enlightened.

We opened the class with a trip to the Thai Temple, ceremoniously respected the Thai tradition throughout the week, and ended with a beautiful ritual.

Thank you for a great week!

Susanne Kibler
Massage Therapist
Mountain View, CA

Starting out at the Thai Temple and eating Thai food together was a fabulous way to begin the week and feel the Thai energy and get to know each other. Staying at Kimberly's beautiful home in beautiful surroundings made us like a family for a week.

The overall set up was great and very organized which made it easy and comfortable to settle in for the week. Starting the day with Yoga and stretching was great for the body and fun too. The breathing and movement exercises I will take with me and incorporate into my daily routine. The food was glorious - the quality was nothing but the best - all organic, prepared with love, delicious and inspiring.

This exemplified the level of love, care and respect Kimberly has put into offering this class. Kimberly is a wonderful teacher - very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and conveyed much more than just massage moves. Elegance and respect is conveyed in her teaching style and found throughout her home in beautiful touches like fresh flowers and aromatherapy misters.

We covered so much material and had a diligent study week but found time for fun, playing with Sita the dog, hiking in the beautiful hills of the open space outside Kimberly's home, and hot tubbing. The week was a lot of work and comprehensive - but so rewarding in so many ways. I take with me not only new skills in massage but something that is so much more…Tradition, healing, and a new found respect for myself and others. Kapkun ka! (Thank you!)

Susan Strube
Massage Therapist
Davis, CA

My week at the Thai Massage Course has been very uplifting in many ways. I feel so much more alive and aware at the end of this fabulous week, my health has improved greatly, my body is more flexible and relaxed. Working on the floor and mat is fun and offers opportunity for stretches beyond Yoga.

I feel like I have been on a vacation for a month. Starting my day with Yoga, breathing and praying is so much more enjoyable than just jumping into a car and going to work. I feel my life is changing in a positive way after the course, with more energy and great new ideas for healing myself and others.

I highly recommend this course for people who want to improve their healing practice whether they are just starting out or are already massage therapists and acupuncturists.

Philip Fahy II
Licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist
Sebastopol, CA

I had heard about Thai massage while at a spa in Canada. Kimberly's website was an immediate hit on my search. After reading through her material and testimonials, I called and booked a massage with Kimberly prior to the Intensive. Her whole house reflected the spirit, tradition and joy of Thailand.

Even before our session began, I knew this would be an experience I would not forget. Half way through the massage, I decided to come back for the training Kimberly offered. Having studied massage for over 29 years, I knew that this training would be different.

The week had a great beginning as we met at the Buddhist Temple in Oakland to get acclimated to the Thai Tradition. Paying our respects to the monks and learning about Thai traditions was a great introduction to this work, and enjoying Thai foods with the other students allowed us all to get acquainted.

Residential meant we all spent the week in Kimberly's lovely home tucked away in Lucas Valley. Intensive meant working together from 7:00am - 9:00pm most days. Certification meant we not only completed the work but graduated by doing a two hour Thai session with our fellow students. Included in the daily sessions were gourmet natural food meals - each one a total delight.

As the week progressed, I struggled with getting my out of shape, inflexible body to align with my intention to really get this. By the end of the week, I am pleased to say there was great success.

I highly recommend the class! Great work Kimberly!

Larry Guidi
Reiki Master, Massage Therapist
Sunnyvale, CA


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