A Melange of Healing Arts


Kimberly's background in the healing arts is extensive and lifelong. From a young age, she has studied metaphysics, health, Yoga and Eastern philosophy. A rare blend of over two decades of studies and specializations are synthesized into her work, as follows...

Personal and Business Image Design

Kimberly first began her work with clients in this field as a vehicle for both artistic expression and facilitating human potential work, personal growth and transformation. Since 1986, Kimberly Call Design & Consulting has provided inspiration and dramatic benefits for hundreds of women and men across the country and abroad. From voice to wardrobe, movement to marketing, Kimberly offers new possibilities for enhanced beauty and effectiveness. Please call for complete literature on her exciting offerings in this field, and a complimentary interview on what she could provide for you. In 28 years, with over a thousand individuals who are leaders in many fields, Kimberly consistently amazes her clients with unexpected and undreamed of results that far surpass their expectations, and is often, quite simply, called magic.

Ancient Thai Massage

An avid lifelong proponent of Yoga and healing bodywork, Kimberly spent two decades researching the ancient roots of healing. Her explorations led her to the far East's "Nuad Bo-Rarn", or Ancient Thai Massage, which she discovered to be so remarkable, she founded Oasis Healing Arts & The Center for Thai Massage in 1995, and pioneered offering this art in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is now the fastest growing and most sought after art in top spas and resorts all over the world. Based in Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation, this ancient art restores "chi" or lifeforce and increases energy awareness, flexibility and fitness for both giver and receiver. The Center offers Private Sessions and Certification Trainings in Thai Massage. If you have not yet experienced it, please treat your body, mind and spirit to this amazing, uplifting experience.

Wholistic Health Coaching

Kimberly designs personalized programs to support individual improvements in diet, fitness, personal growth and serenity. With a lifelong love of natural foods, Kimberly personally promotes a high vitality delicious diet (mostly vegetarian, and meat free) of all organic foods with a high percentage of fresh raw living foods, but can tailor a transitional plan for you that works with your needs and lifestyle.

Feng Shui

Kimberly brings her backgrounds in health, design and consulting to best help you and your endeavors flourish. Kimberly incorporates imagination and artistry along with energy analysis and intuition to draw out the best in individuals and enterprises to help them succeed.

Communications Work

In personal relationships and projects, Kimberly can coach her clients towards more effective communication that accelerates manifesting desired results. Kimberly has assisted clients with marketing and promotional materials and articulating personal goals. Kimberly utilizes decades of interpersonal and transpersonal training in working with clients to clarify issues, distinguish goals; and powerfully set intentions through more conscious, deliberate use of language.

Spiritual Ceremony

What is often lacking in a transition, milestone, or passage in Western culture, is meaningful ritual or ceremony. Personal or group, Kimberly brings her crosscultural and shamanic training to help you create personal meaning to both honoring what is present, and invoke and evoke what you wish. Kimberly specializes in ritual to assist in passage from this lifetime for loved ones.

Creating Sacred Space

A new term for an ancient art…from Feng Shui and honoring ceremonies to designing your home to be a haven and retreat for renewal, from aromatherapy baths to waterfalls and herbs in your gardens, from scented sachets in your drawers to bowls of fresh fruits flowers in your kitchen, and Kimberly is a magician with her array of design, creative and healing arts.

Guided Imagery

Also called Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery is a safe and natural way for you access the completely natural state of relaxed, creative mind connected to your subconcious. A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kimberly is skilled in facilitating you in journeying to access your resources of inner wisdom, healing and inspiration, peace and guidance.

In light of all of these wonderful choices before you, Kimberly offers a complimentary initial personal consultation by phone to determine the choices best for you.

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