Wholistic Philosophy


Through her personal inspiration and example, Kimberly has facilitated personal growth and beneficial change for over a thousand clients through her diverse range of services since 1986. Clients consistently attest to the rewards of their work together, realizing unprecedented and cherished results. Sometimes subtle, but usually dramatic and visable - noticeable, enhanced new aliveness, attractiveness, confidence, personal magnetism, vitality, and creative expression are the hallmarks of her contributions to others.

Practicing what she promotes, Kimberly offers a dazzling array of resources, referrals and coaching for health, growth and beauty. See Other Healing Arts for an overview of her offerings.

In Wholistic Coaching, Kimberly interviews and works with clients to identify needs and goals and design a personalized program to enable individual improvements in such areas as diet, fitness, personal growth and serenity. Kimberly is available for regular weekly or other phone sessions as a support structure to facilitate the process, which clients find especially valuable in integrating change and new ideas.


Don't "diet" - eat well and wisely, for life…With a lifelong love of natural foods, Kimberly personally promotes a high vitality delicious diet (mostly vegetarian, and meat free) of all organic foods with a high percentage of fresh raw living foods, but can tailor a transitional plan for you that works with your needs and lifestyle. Leading medical nutritionists can be referred to, but Kimberly finds that what most people need is concise, up to date information, common sense coaching, and inspiration for everyday enjoyment. Kimberly can come to the home, clear the kitchen, conduct tours of natural foods stores, and teach private or group cooking classes.


What does you body love to do and enjoy doing, how does it like to move and feel vital? These are very personal questions to explore and immensely rewarding to discover what is true and revitalizing for you. Kimberly helps you identify your loves, plus shares ancient wisdom from the East that is time proven for you to add to your repertoire.

Personal Growth

Kimberly has spent over 29 years in the "human potential" movement exploring countless paths in health and growth, and is happy to share from her background and resources, approaches that may resonate with your needs and interests, from personal, to interpersonal, to spiritual. She has a very real and direct gift of opening new possibilities for clients. Clients are amazed at the wealth of interests and passions she shares, from relationships counselors to fertility experts, reading recommendations to art classes, retreats and workshops to Yoga and journalling, She makes introductions to clients that they often report has been of such great benefit it has changed the course of their lives. New careers, marriages, loves in life, or rekindling romance and passions in existing ones are often the results!


We truly have a life "style"…What is yours? Many are finding that serenity is much more needed in our culture and country. Taking time to reflect on your life vision, purpose and priorities can help you recenter on what is most important to you, and better focus your time and everyday life. Kimberly encourages clients to make time for rest and renewal. Relaxing and refreshing fosters creativity. Tapping into our "essence", and dialoguing with our inner self can be richly rewarding, and Kimberly has practiced many paths for this and can coach clients who wish to incorporate this more into their lifestyles. There is a well-spring of inspiration within us that ancient cultures lived from, and we too in modern times, can bring this wisdom into our daily living for more joy.

Kimberly consistently delights her clients with unexpected and undreamed of results that far surpass their expectations, and is often, quite simply, called magic.

In light of all of these wonderful choices before you, Kimberly offers a complimentary initial personal consultation by phone to determine the choices best for you.

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