Private Sessions with Kimberly Call

Kimberly Call, one of the country's top practitioners of Thai Massage, featured during San Francisco's KRON-TV coverage of the '96 Summer Olympics, has pioneered bringing Thai Massage to the Bay Area, establishing a celebrity international clientele and avid local following.

Kimberly is a Certified Thai Massage Practitioner and Instructor from The Institute of Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Kimberly is also a western Certified Integral Massage Therapist and integrates an extensive 28 year background in the healing arts, consulting, and teaching.

  Kimberly Call

Experiencing Her Work...

Enter an enchanting sunlit garden of bamboo and birdsong… There is a tranquil meditative quality of the East here… Waterfalls and flowers soothe the senses… Breezes evoke the tropics, and transport you to healing realms…

Lucas Valley is the legendary road of Robert Frost's famed poem, "The Road Not Taken". Winding through majestic hills, native meadows, streams, redwoods and ending at the ocean, Lucas Valley is sunny and tropical by day, with cooling breezes from the ocean by evening.

Hawks and hummingbirds, coyotes and owls, abound in this magical place that feels a world apart. Yet the Center is just two minutes from the Highway 101 Lucas Valley exit in San Rafael, and about 20 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge.


Sessions are conducted comfortably clothed on a comfortable floor mat, in a studio opening to bright bamboo gardens and bougainvillea. The peaceful sound of birds and windchimes outdoors, the scent of fresh air, and the uplifting atmosphere of the traditional Thai temple, all allow the rhythmic soothing moves of the massage to even more deeply relax and refresh body, mind and spirit. Thai Massage is often described as like having Yoga done to you while you receive massage. You just relax and let another move your body into an amazing and rejuvenating journey of rest and healing.

"I trudged in - and floated out!" clients happily report. There is a distinctive quality of both aliveness and groundedness that results from the ancient, remarkable wisdom of this work. Hear how others have described their experience in client testimonials.

In addition, sessions with Kimberly provide the benefit of her wholistic health background and energy skills as she offers specific lifestyle recommendations where indicated to enhance results. Those wishing more in-depth consulting and coaching can explore her additional services in the Wholistic Coaching and Other Healing Arts.

An initial session of 2 hours is recommended. Kimberly also offers 2 1/4, 2 1/2 and 3 hour sessions, and beautiful gift certificates for any occasions. Please call for rates and seasonal offers. Sliding scale fees are available where appropriate. Series of sessions purchased in advance provide both a special savings and encourage clients to take advantage of the progressive and cumulative benefits of Thai Massage, as it continues to strengthen meridians and extend flexibility and range of motion.

Be assured that Thai Massage can benefit most any body in most any condition, from the very fit and flexible to the very unfit and inflexible! But if you have special needs or questions, please do not hesitate to call and discuss your situation in advance of booking a treatment. Although Thai Massage is normally an active and moving massage, where indicated, as in postoperative cases, sensitive areas or stretches can be omitted and a wonderful massage still provided through gentle acupressure, rocking and reflexology. To be safe, in case of potential sensitivity of pregnancy, Kimberly recommends Thai Massage is best avoided for the pregnant client.

Schedule availability is flexible. Morning to afternoon daytime appointments throughout the week are generally advised, to allow for more revitalizing therapeutic energy. Some weekend appointments are occasionally available, or evenings if necessary.

Sessions, especially initial, are recommended held at the Center for best benefit. After that, or if that is not possible, Kimberly can provide sessions on an outcall basis, for an additional fee. You can schedule couples, family or friends for multiple sessions, for a savings on your outcall rate. And, book and host Kimberly for a day if you like, in your area, and receive a bonus savings on your session rate as well.

Special Occasions...

Please inquire if you would like to schedule sessions with Kimberly to make any special occasion, birthday, anniversary, travel or vacation more special! The Thai love to delight all the senses. A chef herself, Kimberly can cater a private delicious Thai inspired gourmet feast to add to the experience!

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